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I am the process of creating a most complete Checklist for all the BSA Camps in the USA,Canada,Asia,Europe. At present it is mnay pages but when it is done it will the most complete checklist for BSA camps. If anyone has any data about any old camps that may be gone and if they would like to send me the data I will include it in my checklist.
I have asked a few of the experts in camp patches and they have remarked that there is alot of work in the checklist and I am trying to make it complete as possible and then I will make available to any of the serious camp patch collectorsYIS
Tom Wadnola



Much work has been done in this area but the book by Dave Minnihan etc is out of print and out of date as well. Many incorrect entries, but a really good starting place. I can help with Longhorn Council info if you do not have it.
Nick Loesch

By firstcalltx on May 12th, 2006 at 10:19 pm

Was just wondering when this project was going to be finished or is it finished.??
i for one would be intrested in a complete listing of camps; it would give young and old alike a new avenue to collect. Without breaking the bank doing it. And seeing what kind of neat camp patches you could collect from different states and councils. Some may be felt, sateen, woven, cloth or even leather the possibilites are numerous when it comes to scout camp patches.

Hopefully when the list is complete we here at the patchblanket will have a link to down load the list.

here is a site i found a few years back that is pretty neat with scans of some camp patches from areas but is not all inclusive for many many camps. camp images is the name of the site after registering you can look away or download patches to be added to the archives.


By mopar73mopar on May 31st, 2006 at 5:13 am

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