My name is Drew Dowling. I’m orginally from Sumter SC though now living in Concord NC. I’ve been a memeber of 336 and 86 in Pee Dee Area Council as well as a few years in 20 of Costal Carolina (Mt Pleaseant). I am a brother of Santee 116. I took my ordeal Summer of 86, and reveived my vigil in ’93. I still try and get back to Camp Coker once a year or so.


I collect mainly Santee and Dixie items though I dabble in CPSs and Flaps. I completed my Santee Fellowship collection about two years ago, something I started working on immediately after my ordeal. 🙂 I have been playing with building a numbers collection ‘for fun’ by crusing ebay looking for decently priced regular issues.


I am pretty much strictly a collector and have never sold anything on ebay. Patch trading has always been about the collection and fun of building that collection as opposed to commodity dealing and profit. (not that I’m saying those things are bad, I wouldn’t have half my collection with out those people :p) I miss those days of my youth where we stayed up all night brokering trade deals, though I can no longer really know what things are worth as I can rarely dedicate enough time to trading.


My Church has a strong pack and troop which I am not currently participating. I figure that’s only a matter of time since I have a 3yo son. 🙂 My time is coming.


I recognize a lot of the names here from eBay in my past dealings, and I’m sure that I’ve likely met many of you at past Dixies. This tread is was a great idea even without the CPS offer.





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