Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 10, 2020

I flirted this week with signing a lease on a patch warehouse that is closer to my house.  Thankfully I took my wife there to get her honest opinion.  She pointed out that the entrance was up a set of steps (no loading dock). I have a lot of crap in my warehouse so that heavy lifting didn’t sound like fun.  But the real deal killer for me was the ceilings were not tall enough.  All my shelves are 8′ tall and the drop ceiling in this unit was probably 6″ too short to accommodate.

As promised Sunday night I will launch a live sale on a large OA collection.  I don’t want to post a time yet because that usually comes back to haunt me but all indications are I can break free and do the sale Sunday night.  This will begin the sale of a 1000 piece OA flap collection I got in 2019 and have not offered up.

At last nights Scout meeting the SPL asked me on the fly to talk about the OA since we have a troop election coming up in February.  I couldn’t resist but to go way back and talk about E. Urner and Treasure Island.  We probably have 1/2 dozen girls that will be eligible so everyone was really listening and asked good questions.

I have tons of auctions ending Sunday including a huge run on OApatch including flaps. On my $5dollar store I’ve lowered the minimum bid on 245 auctions and am running them again.  These are camp neckerchiefs and neat stuff like trail medals. On my big Patchblanket store I have almost 200 auctions including some .99 cent listings.

Next week I’ll spend some time updating the TOR calendar with all new dates for 2020.  I appreciate everyone who keeps sending me fliers for your event. 




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