Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 2, 2015


I’ve been talking about it for a while now and the weekend is here. My lodge will be hosting a Scout Memorabilia Show (TOR) for the first time this Saturday in Florence, SC. We have over 30 tables rented with dealers coming from 4 states. I’m going to launch a Facebook ad this morning and that’s about all the trumpeting I can do to get folks to come check it out. I’ll share pictures in Sunday’s issue.

If you check out the 1930s sash below with the Tipisa felt I am guessing there must be a non-OA explanation for it. If it really was a felt OA from Lodge 326 I kinda think it would be going for more than $127 at this point. But still a nice sash!

The 100th anniversary issues are coming hot and heavy now. There has been a lot of trading chatter on the Facebook page about these issues. The National Planning Meeting patch below got some people a little worked up as there were multiple patches issued for the event.

While 2015 might be the OA’s year as far as collecting goes I’m going to be using it to switch course. I’ve got a new focus on the classic oldies like Senior Scouting, merit badges, ranks etc. So far my collection is just at it’s beginning but I needed a new focus after running doing OA for 25+ years.

I’m hoping now that the holidays are in the rear view mirror that collectors can start spending some of their disposable income on their collection. I know buying presents for kids, family and friends tapped me out. You can get 15% off at this weekend by using promo code 1215 at checkout.

Today I am also setting up my new antique mall booth in Florence, SC. Since this is the headquarters city for the council I grew up in you can imagine that I’m sitting on tons of local dupes that need to turn over. But since it’s a nice 10×10 booth I’m putting in over 100 uniforms, t-shirts, and tons of books. Look for a video soon on this new endeavour.






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