The Holy Grail of Neckerchief Slides

One of the more unusual items to make my Top 10 List over on was this hand carved neckerchief slide. Now mind you this thing sold for north of $700. Here is what the seller had to say.


This listing is for the Holy Grail of Scouting neckerchief slides!!!! It is the highly-coveted Order of the Arrow slide from the Virginia OA lodges 1957 Area 3C Pow Wow conclave held at Camp Powhatan and hosted by Powhatan Lodge 456. It was handmade by the famed Scout woodcarver Ed Choby and signed by him! The slide is in wonderful condition, retaining its vivid colors and showing no damage to the carving. The printed lettering of “Area 3C WWW 1957” was originally very lightly printed on the headdress feathers, and on this example the lettering is faint but still legible. Just a super piece of VA and national Scouting / Order of the Arrow history and also a great piece of original folk art for the discriminating collector! Buy it when you can find one! Modest starting bid.


The BEST Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide! Ed Choby Area 3C VA OA 1957 Camp Powhatan



Wow, the only thing separating this from a Big Jim Award was the knowledge plus the faint inscription.

By ISCA87L on January 20th, 2012 at 5:19 pm

I’ve seen three or four of these on eBay over the years–the price seems about right. Either this slide or the 1953 necklace is the hardest of the 3-C pieces, and there are some SERIOUS 3-C collectors out there.

On the other examples I’ve seen, the printed lettering has been significantly easier to read.

By Tegularius on January 20th, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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