New 1953 NJ Fake

A new fake of the 1953 NJ pocket patch is being offered for a set price of $5.99 from an outfit called 4everWorld in Malaysia. There are a lot of ways to tell it is fake. For starters, they think the Jamboree took place in CALIE, not CALIF. lol.


They also sell a 3 inch fake of the new Robotics merit badge. I guess they didn’t realize how small the real one is! It is also for sale at $5.99 each.






Looks like they got eBay mad because their account has been nuked. They are listed as “No Longer a Register User” and all their feedback has been deleted as as all the listings they sold. Maybe they were selling too many bogus patches and finally got the copyright holders to act?

By jason on January 2nd, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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