SHF Radio: Collecting Roadblock – the BSA’s Project S.O.A.R.

Ted Thompson was like many Boy Scout memorabilia collectors when he ran up against a collecting roadblock about five years ago. His main interest was council shoulder strips but when he got down to a final list of the twenty-five toughies he had to come up with something new to pursue to keep his passion for the hobby going. He remembered the words of his camp counselor, “if you ever get any Project S.O.A.R. patches pick them up for me.” Before long he had all the national issue items and was on to digging through trade-o-ree bins for council and district issued event patches with a S.O.A.R. theme. The program was first introduced by the Boy Scouts of America in the early 1970s and stands for Save Our American Resources. Listen in tonight for my take on side collections and hear Ted’s story on how he got into a fun and inexpensive collection that might be unusual for some. What interesting side collections do you have? Send me an email and maybe we can get you on the air too!

Ted Thompson’s Project SOAR Website

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