Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 19, 2020

I actually have my first podcast interview scheduled this week!  It’s only been since Feb of 2019 that I published a podcast.  I am set to interview Rick Stewart this week on the topic of Scouting museums.  I will hopefully have the audio processed and get the podcast publish before the Friday Newsletter. 

I also talked to Mike McAdams about an interview very soon.  Mike co-authored the Philmont book with Chip Elliott and also has a unique traveling Scout museum that I think my listeners would love to hear about.

So you can see a theme here!  I need to get back on the horse and line up some interviews.  If anybody is going to be at the Indy TOR that would be a great chance to get you on tape.  Please reach out to me if you have a topic to suggest.

I have a bunch of auctions ending today at and also at There is a good chance I will go live later today (I know during football!) to sell some more OA flaps. It worked out that I had to take Sophia to her God & Country class and she has a few more hours to work for me so I think I can go live today.

I didn’t take any pictures while at the Easley TOR so I let you down as a sideline reporter.  The attendance was a little down but I had a great time just the same.  In fact thanks to an insurance settlement I had my largest ever Best Hobby Pages sale which made the trip for me.  Luckily the tens of thousands of dollars worth of patches were not damaged in the fire but the archival envelopes had soot on them.  So the collector got the insurance company to pay for replacements.  See I keep telling everyone a good tag line for BHP is “protect your investment”.




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