Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 4, 2015


For weeks if not months you’ve heard me talking about the TOR that my home lodge was putting on this weekend and it’s finally a wrap. I am happy to report that things went off without a hitch. We had thirty tables rented and just about all of those guys reported that they sold enough to make them want to come back if we do it again next year.

It’s probably only at a local show that you can get away with spreading out two tables filled with t-shirts. I had over 100 local camp and OA t-shirts spread out over 16′ of table space. The happiest buyers were two female Venture Crew leaders who came in and saw that the collection came from another leader who had just moved out of state. They each bought up some of his shirts to get them back home so to speak.

You know it’s a pretty good show when you sell $100 worth of mugs with an average price of over $10 each. The same collection had some great mugs in there and I was able to find a new home for several camp mugs to a collector who will really be able to appreciate them if he can just figure out where to display them.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the show was helping get youth collectors interested in the hobby. I brought three bankers boxes full of plastic album pages and a few dozen three ring binders. So whenever a youth showed an interest I invited them to make themselves a notebook for their collection and several did. One Scout who others told me was “not” a patch collector made a notebook as well so who knows but we were planting seeds.

I also really enjoyed the fellowship with other collectors. I got to eat out Friday night with Todd Kelly, John Pleasants, and Mark Graff. Later on Saturday I got to visit with O’Dell Walters, Chris Jensen, Wes Drennan, Larry Lane, Bob Walton and John Fort. Perhaps the most interesting person to show up at the show was a gentleman who brought his grandson. He was on staff at the 1965 Dixie Fellowship and in high school I dated his daughters best friend. Back in the day he gave me a Santee S1 flap as a gift and I’ve treasured that patch ever since.

After a weekend off I’ll be going to Chris Jensen’s show in Easley, SC. Turns out it’s the same weekend as the Dallas show this year so I know a lot of us in the South will be swapping cloth that weekend.






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