1953 Jambo Patch Fetches $660.00

I will let the seller plug his own patch:
“This is the absolute holy grail of boy scout patch collecting. through extensive research i found this to be one of only 2 of these particular patches known to exist and the only one in perfect, unused condition.


The particulars: this is a 100% authentic and original 1953 national jamboree prototype shoulder patch which was probably sent to William Strouts for his approval and opinion prior to the 1953 Jamboree in Irvine, California. The patch has cut edges instead of the typical production rolled edges. It is done in orange, red and blue. See the difference in the prototype and the production version also pictured from another of my auctions. The prototype is very simple without most of the detail added later. It’s possible this patch was designed even before the City of Irvine was chosen to host this significant jamboree


The auction generated 44 bids and ended to the tune of $660.00 not bad for a prototype patch.





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