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Just wanted to pull out my soap box for a minute and see where others stand on the topic. Has any one else noticed the resurfacing of many 50+ yr old collections or items.


The way i figure it is the circle of life: Bob gets into scouting as a young boy and goes through the ranks, becomes an arrowman, gets married and settles down. Then he has a son wanting to instill the same ideals and vitures he had as a lad he signs Junior up for scouts at the local church. junior of course follows in dads footsteps 20-25 years later……… and goes to a conclave, noac, tradoree, etc…. with dads old cigar box of patches and makes many new friends quickly. Hopefully for Junior someone with some knowledge lets him know his dads small horde is very valuable. Otherwise the buzards will pick him clean with these new shiny patches compared to his old twill flaps. They will even trade him 3:1 and throw in this years noac set to boot! Then he has kids and………… you know the rest of the story here.


And that is how i think the cherry items pop up every 10-15 years.


Any thoughts on the matter????





I agree, as we have discussed this before.

By collectorofpatches on February 10th, 2007 at 12:58 am

I saw this happen several years back at a Dixie Fellowship. A couple of boys from Skyuka 270 showed up with their uncles box of patches and oh man the feeding frenzy that ensued. They had good OA stuff from the 1950s and there was sort of a wrestling match going on to give them advice. My recollection is that the advice they took was to stay in their campsite and trade the stuff to some of the older guys in their home lodge. 😮 I didn’t get anything that time around! Its happened a time or two at my lodge events…heck it happened to me when I first got in OA. My dad got Vigil the summer I got in OA and I had some of his stuff that was less than 10 years old but it was good stuff from my lodge. I have the distinct memory of some crafty teens trading me out of my flaps the first weekend I was in OA. But live and learn!

By jason on April 14th, 2007 at 1:14 am

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