Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 19, 2016


The funny thing about middle school kids is that they are very social media savvy. Several have subscribed to my YouTube channel and yesterday some of my 7th graders tried to convince me to show them a Santeeswapper video. I declined of course but they did say the videos were pretty good. I don’t think that Threadheads fits into our standards.

Today me and the kids are in the Charlotte area looking at schools and neighborhoods. Last night we got a letter from the school lottery for magnate programs. My daughter got into an IB Middle School but my son missed out. So now we have some options and another anchor on the map to plan around in order to find a place to live. The fun thing about all this and Scouting is that there are about five different BSA councils that are possibilities in this area depending on which side of the line you live.

Back home some adults are starting a drive to raise funds and build a new Scout hut at our church. The plans are pretty ambitious so maybe I should call it more of a Scout house. I’ve offered to the point man on the project that my contribution would be to outfit the walls of one room with a museum of local and national BSA memorabilia. Instead of keeping my Cape Fear Council collection in a notebook it might be headed for some frames that I will donate to the church.

One last bit of local Scout news to share is that our church is launching a joint Boy Scout/Girl Scout effort to do the God and Country program. Tomorrow morning we have probably three dozen (or more) kids in Grades 1-5 that are starting the younger religious award programs. The big Scouts are going to start it soon on a meeting night since most of it is individual project based.






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