Looking For A Trade!!!


I am Bored Havent traded for a while!


Looking for a Trade I want the following!!!


Order of the Arrow Items:

~Any regular issued Lodge Flap (no Ann., NOACs, Conclaves, Ect)

~Nentico Lodge 12 Items

~Guneukitschik Lodge 317 Items

~Tuckahoe Lodge 386 Iems

~North East Section Items

~(Conclaves) NE-4C / SE-1 / 3-A / NE-6


Council and Camp Items:

Baltimore Area Council Items and Strips

Del-Mar-Va Council Strips

Mason Dixon Council Strips

Potomac Council Strips

Broad Creek Mem. Scout Reservation

Camp Linstead

Camp Rodney (Winter Camper Patches)

Any Merged or Non Active Council Strip (I don’t have already)





(Helpful Trader)





Would you be interested in any of these from Tsali 134?

-New vigil flap S53
-New brotherhood flap S52
-2006 NOAC team dance champions participant flap S58

If you are interested in any of them, then let me know if you have anything from Tsali 134 you are interested in trading. -Chambers Loomis

By chambers101 on March 9th, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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