OA 560 Chapter Flap


Lodge 560: Tsungani Chapter Flap From Eswau Huppeday 560.


Copied from oaimages blog:


David Cody reminds us of a piece that has escaped Blue Book listing for a couple of decades. This piece was issued by Tsungani chapter and is very rarely seen. Few were made. I have to wonder if any made it outside of the lodge, beyond any chapter members who may have moved and taken this with them.


This is the type of piece than an enterprising collector could possibly dig up or find cheaply. It?s very rare but doesn’t appear to be anything significant at first glance. It appears homemade and contains a spelling error. Nothing on the piece identifies it as coming from either Eswau Huppeday lodge or Tsungani chapter. It’s never been listed in any major patch catalogue. If one had left its original owner, a new owner could easily have no idea what he had.


If any collector from this area has one of these that they are willing to sell or trade please contact me off site





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