OA Top 3: Flaps and a PowWow too!

If you want to do a top selling post for Order of the Arrow items on eBay you can rest assured it’s going to include some flaps. The surprise item in this rundown is an activity patch from a lodge in Kentucky. Assuming you bought that patch in 1965 for 75 cents….what would the rate of return be if in 2012 you sold it for $550? I always wonder would it have been better to put your money into cloth or the stock market and maybe if somebody could answer us that math puzzle we could begin to get an answer. Of course like stocks there are plenty of patches that haven’t appreciated at all in 20-30-40 years. Here are the big three from the end of January.


Kawida Lodge 480 1965 1st Annual Pow Wow Patch


OA 130 Real F1 Scarouady Merged Mon-Yough PA BSA


Kepashowink Lodge 89 F1 First Flap Ff Michigan OA





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