OA Versus The Boy Scout Category

If you watch eBay closely you already know that OA items account for a pretty good chunk of the high dollar items that sell in the Boy Scout category.   Doing some research on the Boy Scout category I’ve figured that during January 2010 there was about $513,400 worth of items sold.  So the obvious question is how much of that was OA?  There is not scientific way to get this figure but I can give it an educated guess.  If you just take the Order of the Arrow subcategory and total up the sale there you can arrive at a best guess figure.  Its true that there are OA issues sold which are not listed in the subcategory and items Other than OA which are sold in the OA subcategory.  But just for sake of an argument if you do the math there was $139,300 worth of items old in the OA subcategory which would account for 27.1% of all items sold in eBay Boy Scouts.


January Total Sales in the Boy Scout Category


January Total Items Sold in the Boy Scout Category


January Total Sales in the Order of the Arrow Subcategory


What would a monthly report be if I didn’t list the biggest winners and losers of the month!?  Check out the items below to see the three top selling items from the last month and the three biggest whiffs (high minimum bid that failed to sell).  Its interesting to note that one seller has three out of the six items listed below.


Koi Hatachie White Panther F-1
5 – 1920’s Boy Rangers of America Felt Badges
Teen’s Dan Beard Camp Group Including a Buckskin Badge
1920-1930 Incorporated Church Scout Insignia Grouping
Dream Collection of Boy Scout P Jambo/Council/OA/Philmont
OA Rare 155 R1 Michikinaqua Merged Northern Kentucky




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