Philmont and High Adventure Camp Memorabilia on eBay


An old Scouting friend of mine left this week for Philmont to join the staff at the Scout ranch. He really has the Philmont bug and has been there several times including having served on staff in the past. Its easy to understand with those great Scouting memories how collectors can get hooked on picking up old Philmont memorabilia. Generations of Scouts and Scouters have made the pilgrimage to that special place. So when these neat items come up on eBay there is sometimes spirited bidding to come out on top. Here are some of the best selling Philmont and high adventure camp issues that sold recently on eBay.


BSA OA Philmont Scout Ranch Patch


Mint Philmont Dollar Mountain Man Segment!!!


Philmont Ranger Back Patch


Philmont Scout Ranch,P2K,Arrowhead PAH17?,Cimarron,NM


Region 7 Hole in Canoe Base pp Boy Scout BSA





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