Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 03, 2019

What makes this TOR special is there is an army of volunteers that run it.  I know it has to be around 12-15 people in grey polo shirts that manned the tables, ran the auction and kept everything moving.  It would be near impossible to match that since most TORs are usually 1 or 2 people really behind the scenes. This extra manpower allowed them to run 2 large fixed priced tables selling off donated stuff and an estate.

Can you believe the plan was to run 17 shifts of silent auctions Friday and Saturday.  Some of these were as quick as 15 minutes I believe.  What was cool was that constant flow of items kept people walking around the room to check and just give you a chance to see so many people and stop by their tables.

While there I found time to film a video, record a podcast, and film the next episode of Thread Heads.  To wrap it all up with a bow I got a call about a promising collection as we were loading the bus Saturday.  I bought more than I sold but when you can find patches in tubs for 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents etc you can’t pass it up.

I don’t have another TOR on the schedule until the one I host in Charlotte April 5-6. There are some good ones coming up but I have just about every weekend booked with family and Scouting events.  For example next weekend my daughter’s Scout BSA troop has their inaugural camp out.  The following weekend I’ll be at Camp Barstow. I’ve got a lot of real Scouting on the calendar.

One of the cool things I brought home from the TOR was a large container full of personal camping gear.  Mess kits, canteens, fork/spoon/knife sets etc.  I’m going to clean these up and have them out on a free table at the Scouts BSA meeting Thursday night.  Time to recycle them back into the movement for a 2nd life with a new Scout.

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