Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 21, 2016


My home camp has been bootstrapping it the last few years with an all volunteer camp staff to keep down costs. This model has actually worked well considering we run just three weeks of camp. One of our volunteers started a GoFundMe campain yesterday to raise $26k in order to purchase new tents, flies and platforms for the camp. In less than 24 hours the effort hauled in $1,000. You can see the details at Tents for Camp Coker by Larry Green.

In my social media feed I saw a post by Larry Faulkner about Camp Tranquility. This is an old WPA camp that has been amazingly restored by the efforts of Scouts and other groups. Larry counts over 30 Eagle Scout projects that have been done on the property to bring it back to life. You can find out more at their home page.

Well Friday my daughter won the lottery….only don’t tell her that. We applied for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools magnate lottery to get her into a choice school. Somehow she was placed at an IB Middle School that is tough to get in. However, after spending Friday touring the nearby town of Belmont she would rather go to school there. I think the 11-year old gets a vote but not the last say in this. So it was three steps forwards and two steps back trying to make some decisions.

This week I didn’t run any big sales in my eBay store. That strategy has worked well to make some deals and move out old inventory. With my family plans keeping me from most TORs this year I’ve been hustling on Facebook as well. My sales albums at are going to get a shot in the arm as I plan on spending Sunday afternoon doing some serious listing!






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