Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 17, 2015


The last time I posted a picture of a need in the Hot Finds I got someone to reply back that was happy to sell me that piece for $10. It got me to thinking that I should leverage the audience here to share more needs and possibly do some swapping with the readers of the newsletter. Read down today to see my big announcement regarding my new collection of Senior Scouting memorabilia.

If you are wondering why the newsletter is a little late today it’s because we’ve had some power outages associated with the ice storm that hit the South. Nothing too major but the kids are home from school today.

Some of you know that one of my core collections includes Un A Li’yi Lodge 236 so I was really happy to feature that nice auction on a classic piece from Charleston today.

When I first started doing the Hot Finds back in 2009 you could count on every week there would be a set of those Rockwell coins and typically they would always sell for $200-$300. It seems like old times listing a live auction for a set in this block.

For a while now I have mentioned that in 2015 I was going to get serious about collecting the classic Boy Scout memorabilia that I ignored for my first 25+ years in the hobby. It started with me taking the boxes that had accumulated over the years of insignia, merit badges, and old Explorer stuff and getting them sorted. Basically the idea was that if I did that I’d have a pretty decent starter collection right off the bat. What I needed to do though was break out some resources and really figure this out. Luckily for my Senior Scouting collection I had a copy of Jim Clough’s book and the more recent article written by Russell Smart in the ISCA Journal (June 2002). When I announced in the Hot Finds that I was going to dive into this collecting area I got an invitation from Russell to come see his collection. It also worked out that he had a lot of dupes on key pieces that could really give my collection a jump start. After returning home from that visit a few weeks ago I’ve been putting it all together to figure out exactly what I need. So today what I’ve got is a “visual needs list” to show everyone the items I’m looking for. Some of these might not be too hard to find but several will be very hard to track down. So my idea was to put together this 4 page flyer and share it with the Hot Finds community and on social media to see if I can shake out some needs. I am interested in making a deal for any of these. I can buy or trade by offering a variety of items that are listed on my stores. I’ve got over 7,000 pieces listed between www.Patchblanket.com and www.Scoutpatchhq.com and any of these pieces are available in trade to bring home any of these needs. I’ll be sharing my dive into this new area of collecting in a series of blog posts that I’ll link to as they get published.

Speaking of trading – here is a preview of some of the items available on my store at www.Scoutpatchhq.com.

I am going to be blogging about this new collection over on www.ScoutPatchCollectors.com and I’ll be sure and post links in the newsletter.






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