$10000 Council should patch

Khaki Red Half Strip from Crescent Bay


Copied from Description


This is the only known example of this patch. This Crescent Bay Area Council Khaki/Red Half Strip is the absolute best item ever issued by the Crescent Bay Area Council. For many years it was on a patch board owned by a 50+ year council member, then it was passed on to another local collector when he passed away and then I acquired it from the estate of that collector. This badge has never been offered for sale before this. It does not appear to have ever been sewn but there is glue on the back from being glued to the patch board. The Crescent Bay Area Council is one of the most actively and emotionally collected councils. That is the reason for the high value placed on this item. This badge alone will make your Crescent Bay Collection the best because you will have the best piece. There is only one other one known patch from this council and I currently have that one listed as well. Do not pass up this opportunity to own the best of the best! Please look at my other auctions, as I have many other Crescent Bay Council items for sale at this time.


The seller also has a CP up for $9999 from the same council





Wow, I have seen some $3000 half strips but never one for 10K. Hope he gets it, but I would think that someone with 20K to spend on patches might want to get more than just a couple! I know if I had that kind of money to spend I would want at least 4 patches for 20K unless one was 272F1

We’ll see if he sells it


By firstcalltx on March 8th, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Its back at a new low price


Now only $7499.99. A real steal.

Seriously are their that many deep pockets in Council Strip (AKA red and white) collecting. I have seen OA patches go that high and some Rank patches go near that high, BUT???????????????????

Why doesn’t start it at $10 and then see how high it will go?

I think this guy realy wants the BigJim award


By BigJim on April 17th, 2008 at 11:59 pm

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