3-Month Trends in the OA Patch Category dated 3-17-06


The OA category continues to sell strong on eBay with sales over the last three months totaling $382,307. Sellers in the category had success on auction/fixed priced listings 56% of the time. There were a total of 18,252 auction/fixed price listings sold at an average price of $19.03. During any given week you would see about 1,500 listings sell in the category with the exception of March 4-10 when it jumped to 2,200. On the store side there were 1,717 items sold at an average price of $13.99.


Sitting at the tip of the Top 10 list you will see a large patch collection that sold before Christmas for $8,000. The remainder of the list is filled in by mostly single items and frequently first flaps.


Refreshed-Extensive OA/BSA/Jamboree Patch Collection


OA 10″ Old Felt Beaver Arrow Boy Scout Jacket Patch


OA Moswetuset Lodge 370 F1 (First Flap)


OA Metacomet Lodge 556 S1 (First Flap)


Boy Scout Menetomi OA Lodge 496 F1 (First Flap)


Order of the Arrow 1940’s Vigil OA Sash Felt on Felt


Sinawa 73 OA Neckerchief Patch Manitowoc -Waumegesako !


Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow Souhegan 447 Flap Patch


Lodge 378 First Issue Felt (Gila Lodge ) El Paso


Boy Scouts OA Tupwee … Lodge 536 F1 (First Flap)





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