3-Month Trends in Philmont Category Dated 3-21-06


One of the interesting statistics about this category is the average selling price of auction/fixed price listings. There were 871 items sold in this category for an average price of $43.40. Those auctions ran a 63% success rate which may be the best rate in any of the Boy Scouts subcategories. There were only 69 store items sold during this period.


The total sales for the three months amounted to $38,112.


The high average sales price and success rate show up right away when you take a closer look at what sold over the last three months. Of all the patches that sold or where offered for sale above $500 only three listings failed to get a bid/meet reserve. Meanwhile fifteen auctions did sell above $500 which is more than some of the other categories which are considerably more active than “Philmont, High Adventure”. I suppose you could say for these high quality pieces the success rate was more like 83%. That is really outstanding if you compare any of these numbers to the other Boy Scouts subcategories.


Items That Failed to Get A Bid/Meet Reserve At the $1,000 Level

Philmont Scout Ranch Arrow P2K Pilot Woodbadge Staff

Boy Scout Philmont Staff 50 Anniversary Arrowhead Patch

Philmont Scout Ranch Arrow P2k Pilot Woodbadge PRGM.


Items Selling for Over $500


Philmont Training Center 1984 OA Advisor 3″ Round
Philmont PTC 1984 OA Advisor Training 6″ Jacket Patch
Philmont PTC Staff 6″ Jacket Patch
Philmont Cavalcade (1984) Arrowhead Patch
Philmont Middlesex Council NJ 1964-66-67-68 Patch BSA
Philmont Patch Lot 1960s NJ Council Cimarron Washington
Philmont Arrowhead TC
Philmont Cope Course Jacket Patch Mint Rare
Philmont JLT Patch
Philmont Neckerchief 2 slides 1966 NJ Council Patch
Philmont Rayado patch. Rare
Philmont Boy Scout Climbing Director Staff Patch
Philmont Climb Rappel Staff Jacket Patch Tough Mint
Philmont Training Center 1984 Staff 3″ Patch Mint Rare
Philmont Cavalcade (1993) 3″ Round Patch





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