83,670 Scouting Items for Sale on eBay Right Now!


This is my first post regarding auctions that are live. It has been very interesting to look at closed listings and try and figure out what is happening. This post is more of a snapshot taken on a given afternoon. Still it reveals some interesting things.


There are twenty-three items with a starting bid of .01 cents.


When you are on the eBay homepage you see the total number of different listings as auction/fixed price and store. Right now this number stands at 42,521. Here is how that breaks down.


There are 18,779 active auction/fixed price listings.


If you count up all the items available in the stores the total is actually 64,886. In stores it is possible to have a quantity listed of a particular item. So if you count up all the possible items available you get this number which is much higer than what you normally see on eBay.


There are two fixed price listings offered at $2,000 or more.


OA 487 Taunkacoo F-1a, First Flap, Framingham, MA

Boy Scout Victorio OA Lodge 177 F1 (First Flap)


Of auctions that actually have a bid and are active here are the top ones right this minute. Not surprisingly most of them are OA…but you may see that three of them are old 1950s issues from North Carolina. This seller has five really nice NC items up right now including some other old Area 6A patches.


1956 Area 6C 6-C Conference PP hosted by Mowogo 243


Boy Scouts Diamond Jubilee Knife Ltd Ulster 1 of 100 NR

Mint O/A Event Wahissa Old Hickory Council

1937 National Boy Scout Jamboree Felt Shoulder Tab

OA 117 Croatan A1 BSA East Carolina NC

1950’s Vintage Boy Scouts Scouting Big Lot order Arrow

membership cards books patches sashes cub scouts

Mint O/A Event 1956 Area 6-A Fellowship

Kawida Lodge 480 Ceremonial Committees Patch OA


The most expensive item listed on eBay right now is a store item with a set price of $12,000.


OA #479 Quinipissa Lodge S01 First Flap


The next highest priced items are both for sale at $1,000.


OA #367 Wapiti First Flap

OA #169 Watonala Lodge F01b First Flap





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