The BigJim Awards are Here and Boy are there Plenty of nominees!


Twenty Listings Over $1,000 Do not get a bid/Meet Reserve!


In looking at closed auctions and reading the posts of our members I’ve come up with a very informal award that I’m calling the BigJim award. Basically, its purpose is to recognize overpriced items on eBay. BigJim believes in the part of the Scout Law that says that a Scout is “thrifty”. When applied to collecting it means that you shouldn’t pay top dollar for items just because the seller on eBay thinks that his item is made of gold. This is no scientific study…but here are some listings that failed to meet minimum bids. Is anyone surprised that so many of them are first flaps. Despite what I hear from the big dealers I wonder about the values people assign this segment of the hobby.


$9,999.99 OA #479 Quinipissa Lodge S01 First Flap **seller has relisted at the low-low price of $12,000!


$3,000 Boy Scout Patch Blanket **was later lowered to $1,000 and still did not attract any bidders


$1,600 OA Souhegan Lodge 447 F1 (First Flap) **the reserve was later lowered but the item still didn’t sell when bidding closed at $1,324.99


$1,500 Langundowi/Eriez 46 Collection + 251, 256, 57, 3b, 3f


$1,424.99 OA Lodge 502; T’Kope Kwiskwis; First Flap; Seattle, Wa.


$1,400 OA Menetomi Lodge 496 F1 (First Flap) **this auction was run five times with before the seller quit using a reserve price and the item sold for $1,025 with six bids


$1,000 Mattatuck 217–N2 neckerchief


$1,000 OA Lodge 72 Tejas F1 First Flap 1915M


$1,000 Arrowhead OA Lodge 323 F1 (First Flap)


$1,000 OA Lodge 374; Gabe-Shi-Win-Gi-Ji-Kess; First Flap


$999.99 oa 327 Huaco Wab a1 actually a.05 Rare Isuue


$999.95 Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188 Junior Cooking Crew Patch w1





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By nodook on March 21st, 2006 at 8:31 pm

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