Breast Cancer Flap!?


View this unusal flap for a great cause


Sometimes patches are issued for rather unusual reasons. Some of these reasons are intersting, trivial, or silly. Ocassionally patches are issued for personal and charitable reasons. I was recently made aware of one of these.


Japeechen 341 has issued a flap for breast cancer awareness. There is a very good reason for this flap. In explaining the reason behind this issue Nick DeMarco writes:


“At the section conclave last spring a youth lodge member received an emergency telephone call that his mother was being rushed into surgery because of her breast cancer. The experience so moved him that he wanted to do something to raise funds for cancer research and, as a collector, came up with the idea of a special fundraiser OA flap. He presented the idea to the lodge LEC who presented it to the general lodge membership at the Fall fellowship and it got unanimous approval. The original design was an all pink flap, but the final version has a silvery white background (thank goodness).


The original plan was to donate all profits to a cancer research fund, but the lodge kicked in their expenses so now 100% of what we get for the flaps will go to the fund. We figure that if we sell out it will bring in around $10,000.00…..


Reaction has been overwhelmingly supportive from across the country. They officially went on sale yesterday at our annual lodge banquet. There was a special presentation of the first flap (framed) to the members mother and the second (framed) flap to the member. It will not be available from our council office, as this is not a national item and the council office is a national scout shop, otherwise National Supply would have to get a piece of the profit. So I will handle mail orders.”


If you are interested in buying any of these flaps, contact Nick DeMarco at nicholas.demarco@navy.mi


They are $15.00 each, which includes S&H….


Nick DeMarco

P.O. Box 749

Brick Twp., N.J. 08723-0749





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