The Category Other Badges, Patches Deserves a Look!

Some of you might be surprised to learn that the largest of the sub-categories in Boy Scouts is actually “Other Badges, Patches”.


How big is this category?:confused: Well it had total sales over the last three months of $330,432. For the auction/fixed price listings that included 19,203 successful sales at an average price of $15.20. The store sales included 7,819 items at an average price of $4.93.


If you want to rank things in terms of total $ sales then the chips fall this way:
#1 OA Patches $382,307
#2 Other Badges, Patches $330,432
#3 Council Shoulder Patches $159,380


If you rank the categories in terms of total sales they look like this:

#1 Other Badges, Patches 27,033
#2 OA Patches 19,469
#3 Council Shoulder Patches 12,992


So the question might then pop into your head why is this category which is basically a catch-all the largest selling one of them all. I will put forward two reasons and ask that if anyone else has opinions or ideas to share.


#1 I’ve been told by some members of the community that the reason for this is that this is one of the oldest subcategories and that alot of people never bothered to change their settings. In other words back when there were only a couple of different subcategories (and this was one of them) alot of sellers used it and still do even though eBay has subdivided the Boy Scouts area several ways. So instead of taking the time to put a handbook in the category made for it or a camp patch in its category they just dump things (on purpose or neglect) into this category.


#2 If you look through this category you will see A Lot of foreign patches. Instead of putting international listings into the category that actually is made for foreign patches I’ve been told that eBay automatically puts international listings into this category. So that would tend to pump up the statistics quite a bit!


Here are the top selling items over the last three months. This Top 10 list confirms that there is all kinda stuff being sold under the label of “Other Badges, Patches”!:eek:


Baden Powell original drawing(This is not a badge or a patch…there is a category for “Other Items”)


Rare Philmont Staff Trainee Patch(There is a Philmont, High Adventure category)


Be Prepared-Boy Scouts of America-Medal (This is not a badge or a patch)


1910 BS Hardcover Handbook, 2 Author (There is a category named “Books, Manuals”)


1278A: Miscellaneous Group of Continental Silver (What the hell is this doing in the Boy Scout category?)


Boy Scout Golden Anniversary 1965 Patch (This is an old Felt Vigil Sash…What the heck does he mean 1965 patch?)


1920s Eagle Scout Boy Scouts BSA Patches Medal Grouping (Yeah this item probably fits in this category!:D )


Boy Scout Medal, Enamel Rim, Early 1900’s? (Wow a four figure price tag…What is it??)


Vintage Boy Scout Silver Fawn Award Pin Ribbon & Box (I see a lot of award ribbons get put in this category)


BSA RWS – Pee Dee Area Council – Mint (Obviously belongs in Council Shoulder Patches)





This is based upon items sold between March 11 and May 12 which is roughly the two months since I last reported.

The category as a whole sold $169,865 with all but $8,109 coming from auctions. The rest was a result of 1,839 store items that sold for an average price of $4.41. Auction listings totaled 10,369 items sold at an average price of $15.60.

The strangest trend is that every week during the two month period the number of sold items remained above 1,300. That is EXCEPT for the week of March 25-31 when this number plummeted to only 61 sold. I wish I could explain that but I can’t. Most eBay subcats seem to hold steady with some peaks and valleys but a week of that few items sold was like a ravine.

This category is the big catch-all of Boy Scouts on eBay. You are bound to see just about anything here which is evidenced by the top 10 list!

Top Ten Items $
~BSA Square Merit Badge- Citrus Fruit Culture Very RARE (there is a category for merit badges)
1920’s boy scout jacket, loaded (could go in the Uniforms category)
Vintage 1950s boy scout patches, scarf and uniform (this might fit right in here)
1278A: Miscellaneous Group of Continental Silver (somebody screwed up..this is NOT a Scout item!)
~BSA Square Merit Badge -Beef Prod. White Brown Horns (there is a category for merit badges)
1920’s BSA RED & BLACK FELT SQUARE PEACOCK PATROL PATCH (could go in the Insignia category but I’ll live with it here)
OA 71 X1 Na-Tasi-Hi “Wab” Monmouth BSA NJ (old name) (hmm…OA and WAB sound like they belong in Order of the Arrow…but call me stupid)
470: An Assembled Group of Flatware and Accessories, (are you kidding me? boy scouts?)
1519: A group of five Victorian stamps for 1883/1884 in (I think this is other! badges, patches I’m not sure about)

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