Collecting Senior Scouting Memorabilia

This year I am making the break from being an Order of the Arrow collector and I’m getting into some areas of collecting that I think of as the classics. Things like insignia such as old rank, position patches and especially merit badges.  But perhaps my favorite is starting up a collection focused on Senior Scouting.  Now that’s not a term that the modern day program uses so let me back up a little and explain what I’m talking about.


In 1935 the Boy Scouts of America started up a program for boys 15+ in order to keep them in Scouting by giving them a program that met their needs.  The name given was “Senior Scouting” and at the time it could be done as a patrol within an existing Scout troop or in a separate as a separate troop.  Eventually, the older boy program in the BSA included Explorers, Sea Scouts (1912), Air Scouts and Rover Scouts.  For the thirty years or so from 1935-1965 their is an entire advancement and award program specific to these branches of Senior Scouting.  In future posts on this website I’m going to share my journey into this new area of collecting.


What I’ve decided to do is create a visual needs list of the items I need to fill in 98% of my collection.  In some cases I didn’t have the actual image of the item needed so you have to read the description for the correct background color that I’m looking for.  I am interested in trading for or buying these items so contact me via email if you have any of them available.

Needs List for Senior Scouting as of 2-17-15 Jason Spangler_Page_1 Needs List for Senior Scouting as of 2-17-15 Jason Spangler_Page_2 Needs List of 2-17-15 Jason Spangler_Page_3 Needs List of 2-17-15 Jason Spangler_Page_4




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