Did You Win These Auctions??

This one, or this one??


I was a losing bidder on both of those, and since they were mostly items from Eswau Huppeday, I thought perhaps they would show up here.


I was bidding on those to simply get one patch from each batch.


As some of you may remember, I lost my entire batch of personal scouting ‘stuff’ and have been trying to replace as much as i can.


The item i need from the first batch is the 1974 Fellowship Patch from Eswau Huppeday. I not only attended that event, but i also conducted a Vigil ceremony during the event– unusual because i was (1) an adult, and (2) a district exec with the council. But we didn’t have *any* youth vigil members, and just enough adults to round out a ceremony team. Since I was the only one experienced at OA ceremonies, I got to lead the thing!


The item from the other batch i’m looking for is the 1974 Piedmont Council Camporee patch. I hate to admit it, but i designed that patch for the council.. sort of inadvertently. My boss (the Scout Executive) came to me and asked me to design a camporee patch for council-wide use, and i sketched that out on a scrap piece of paper while he was standing there and asked “something like this?”…. he gave a non-answer, took the sketch, and the next thing i knew, a shipment of those patches showed up… i certainly would have done a nicer eagle and cleaner art for a “final” design!!! But ugly or not, it’s one of mine!


So if you were the winner of either auction, please contact me and let’s see what we can work out!







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