Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 15, 2019

This morning I’ve got a consignor coming to the warehouse to close out a deal.  I only have a handful of consignors since I have so much of my own stuff.  I’m getting closer and closer to having my stuff organized.  Literally the last thing I have today is sorting neckerchiefs into stacks by camp, jamboree, etc. 

This weekend I have 3 different Scouting events that I could and would like to attend.  However, I’ve come down with a cold that this morning especially seems to be kicking my butt so I don’t think I will go camping in the mountains, do service projects at Camp Barstow or visiting the Santee Lodge spring fellowship.  My wife will happy to see me home for the first weekend in a while.

One cool development with the Charlotte TOR is that we’ve decided to let the new Scouts BSA Troop 233 in on the action.  Being a start up troop they don’t have a fundraiser.  So this year they are going to be in charge of running the concessions at the TOR.  Two ASMs from the troop want to take the ball and run with it and I think it’s a great idea. 

I’ve got just shy of 200 live auctions running.  Many of these are CSPs but last night I also got up some Jamboree stuff from the 2000s that I’ve had photographed for a long time (like 3-4 years).  Listing consistently has been my biggest challenge since doing this full time and at least in 2019 I’m hitting a good stride. 

So with me being sick Sophia will go on her first camping trip of her life without dad.  She is a little nervous about an ambitious dutch oven recipe her patrol picked out.  I’m one of those dutch oven Scouters that loves cooking up big meals.  They choose Mexican Lasagna.  Think corn tortillas instead of noodles for the layers. 




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