Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March , 2015


The auction pictured to the right is kinda a head scratcher. It must be some kinda joke. I even saw Bill Topkis post last night on Facebook asking what is going on with this one. Well despite the face that there is a weird one in today’s issue I’m sure you’ll be pleased with some of the other picks I found in the Boy Scout category of eBay.

The old Region 7 patch vest below is so stuffed with patches that they are literally hanging off of it. It’s hard not to like an early 1950’s vest like that. I saw some Cubs at our District Roundtable this weekend that had on their red felt vests and couldn’t help but smile.

I got a little excited when I saw that seller maidstone43 had a 1956 Catawba jacket patch. But it turns out he just doesn’t know any better and nobody told him we call those flaps. But he got in a nice collection with other early pieces including a nice Caddo flap!

I am packing up today to attend my lodge’s Spring Fellowship. The weather is looking good and I’m going to test out a new camping rig for the 2-night stay. We don’t usually have any late night patch trading going on but I’ll bring some cloth just in case. I’m thinking about packing an Apple Bag just for old time sakes.

I have not given a plug in a long time for my Scouting friend and patch biz partner Brian Dalton. Many of you may know him as Radarbsi on eBay. Brian lives in Ohio and for going on three years now we have worked together to get some Scout reference items out there. When I published my Prices Realized Series a few years ago Brian agreed to be the printer for full color versions of each book. We also partnered on the printing of Terry Groves book on 100 Years of Eagle Scout Patches and the Camp Book II. When ISCA was looking for a drop shipper to handle orders for the 2014 CSI Guide he also got that contract.

I follow Brian on Facebook and I know he has recently upgraded his printing machines. So if you have a project that you want printed in color for a very reasonable price I suggest you contact Brian Dalton and give him a chance to quote you a price. He is a Scouter and every dealing I’ve had with him led me to believe that he lives by the Scout Oath and Law.






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