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I mentioned in a recent Hot Finds Newsletter about the guy who bought an instant collection of CSPs including many first issues for one penny shy of $3 grand on eBay. But it turns out that collection wasn’t the only items worth reporting on in the realm of shoulder strips. February has seen a few more auctions that deserve a second look.


Entire Set of 544 CSP Council Strips Mint Condition

1940’s Silverado Area Council Half Strip Khaki/Red~Mint

Boy Scout RWS VI/C/ST. Thomas

Boy Scout Central Indiana Council T1 CSP First Issue





So if you figure $2 per non-first issue, it comes to about $10.72 each for the 256 first issues in that CSP collection. Not bad I guess, but who’s going to buy them from you? BTW, I need both the Silverado Area KRS and Central Indiana T1 if anybody has any extras. Hopefully at a more reasonable price . . .

By ISCA87L on March 3rd, 2011 at 11:42 pm

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