Jamboree Patches Category 3-Month Trends Dated 3-17-06

The Jamboree category has continued to have a strong run with $144,679 in sales over the last three months. There were ten items that sold for over $500. However the success rate for auctions is depressingly low for sellers at only 47%. :confused: There were 5,254 successful auctions selling for an average price of $21.60. On the store side of the house there were 3,602 successful sales for an average price of $8.66.


During the last three months the dominance of World Jamboree items has continued in this category. Out of the following Top 10 items (selling above $500 at auction) all but two of them are World Jamboree items. Among these is another rare 1947 patch selling for over $15,000. I am starting to lose track but this is perhaps the fourth, or fifth (by my memory) patch from that event to sell for over $10,000 in the last six months. One patch sold for over $72,000 shattering all previous records for the sale of a piece of Scout memorabilia.


Scout Jamboree 1947 Badge Zodiaque Mondial de la Paix


1947 World Jamboree France White Zodiaque NR


1937 Boy Scout World Jamboree Badge Red & White Bar


Rare ?59 World Jamboree Square Jacket Patch Embroidered


Rare ?59 World Jamboree Round Jacket Patch Embroidered


1937 Boy Scout World Jamboree – Yellow-Green Bar


Jamboree 1947 Badge Boy Scout France


Boy Scout National Jamboree Patch Collection from 1935


Boy Scout World Jamboree 1959 Neckerchief Back Patch


Jamboree 1935 1937 1950 1953 1957 Lot of 15 Patches





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