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Historic Lighthouse Shoulder Patch Series


Pacific Skyline Council is proud to announce a series of council shoulder patches (CSPs) featuring the lighthouses of the San Francisco Bay Area. The first two to be released are the world famous Alcatraz Light and local Montara Light. The complete set of twenty lighthouses will be issued in pairs every 6-8 weeks. For the avid patch collector, a limited edition of 100 CSPs with a silver mylar border will be issued for each lighthouse. Cost is $5 for the regular patch and $15 for the silver border patch, plus shipping. Proceeds will be used to benefit the 2010 National Jamboree contingent from Pacific Skyline Council. Start your collection today!

Alcatraz was the first lighthouse on the Pacific Coast, starting in 1854. After the federal penitentiary was built, a new 84 foot lighthouse tower was constructed in 1909 so it could be seen over the prison. Alcatraz Light is an icon of San Francisco recognized around the world.

The Point Montara Light is one of two lighthouses within the physical boundaries of Pacific Skyline Council. It began in 1875 as a fog station and received a kerosene lantern in 1900. The present metal tower structure dates from 1928. Currently it operates as a hostel.



The next set of Pacific Skyline Council lighthouse CSPs is now ready to order. Set #2 includes Point Bonita and Pigeon Point Lighthouses. Order forms for both sets are available on this web page. Link

Accessible after traveling through a tunnel dug by Chinese transcontinental railroad workers and crossing a wooden suspension bridge, Point Bonita Light is perched on a rocky cliff at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Lit in 1855, it marks the northern entrance to the Golden Gate.

Pigeon Point Light is the second lighthouse within the physical boundaries of Pacific Skyline Council. The beam from its 115 foot tower, one of the tallest lighthouses on the Pacific coast, has illuminated the shoreline since 1872. Pigeon Point Lighthouse currently operates as a hostel.

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For those interested, the third set of Pacific Skyline Council lighthouse CSPs is now available for ordering. The third set consists of six lighthouses: A?o Nuevo, Southampton Shoal, Fort Point, Point Reyes, Point Blunt – Angel Island, Mile Rocks. You may also pre-order the whole set if you’d like using the form linked here. These are coming out great and looking better than the East Coast lighthouse CSPs *cough* Enjoy!

PSC Lighthouse order form

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Amen Amen Amen Beauties all!!!

And much more affordable

NOAC Bound Patchblanket Patch bag on my shoulder. Meet and greet, no charge. Patches are extra lagnappe for the socially minded meetees

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The next set of Pacific Skyline Council lighthouse CSPs is now ready for ordering! The set includes Lime Point, Mare Island, Oakland Harbor, San Francisco Lightship, and Yerba Buena. Here is the order form: PSC Lighthouse CSP order form. Thank you for your interest!

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