PayPal at the TOR Table

I had a really neat first for me at the Williamsburg TOR that I wanted to share with the group to see if anyone has done this or something similar. As the TOR was winding down on Saturday Joe Malloy was going through my stuff and found I had a Lodge 447 flap that he really wanted to get for his collection. The flap is pretty valuable and so Joe asked if I took credit cards. Well my standard answer of course is that I don’t but then a thought hit me. I asked Joe if he had a PayPal account. He replied that he did. I asked if his credit card was linked to his PayPal account to which he also answered yes. So I whipped out my laptop, connected to the wireless connection in the hotel, and Joe paid me for the patch right there at my table by logging into his PayPal account and sending me the money! 😀 Now that was a first for me! Anybody out there have a simliar experience they want to share??



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