Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 13, 2016


The CFCHA benefited greatly from having steady leadership and good relationships that allowed the association to have a formal partnership with the Council Executive Board. When a new training center was being constructed at camp a few years back they secured some terrific display areas and office space to run the show. This weekend they hosted a lodge chief reunion that I was told would see more than a dozen old timers coming home to visit.

Among the memorabilia that I got to see on my visit was camp patches from the late 1930s that I didn’t know existed. I also saw a merit badge sash that verified the Ku-Ni-Eh was active in the council prior to the OA being chartered. It looks like many old Scouters or estates are donating items to the association and they are doing a great job of keeping the history documented.

So part of my purpose in writing this today is to see if others will share their blue print for how to get something like this started. Some councils have great camp museums that serve a similar function and in North Carolina I can think of a few outstanding examples. Other councils (including my home council) have never really pulled off this concept and it would be great to see a blue print for how this could work (by-laws, shared space agreements). How does your council make this work if it as something similar to the group in Wilmington, NC.

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