Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 10, 2020

I’m using my Scout contacts to help me get things moved over.  Later this week a Scout leader is going to help me build some shelves and a countertop work space.  Then this weekend I’ve got some Eagle Scouts who are going to help me load the Uhaul.  I’d much rather hire folks like this then pick up some day laborer off an ad.

The good thing about moving the month of the Charlotte TOR is that I’m not stressing about hosting everyone in a few weeks.  My wife tells me that I usually obsess for weeks about the TOR but instead my mental energy has been on how to take apart shelves and hauling loads of boxes.  I’ve spent months and months promoting the event and we are sold out so at this point it’s kinda on cruise control.

The news on the Internet is that more councils are moving towards merging.  I saw where three councils around San Fran were going to vote on it.  The bigger picture is that coming out of bankruptcy the organization might look much different.  Will there be Area Directors or even regions?  But I met a lady yesterday (when buying the tables) that told me when she found out she was having a boy the first thought was oh good he can be a Cub Scout (her husband is an Eagle Scout).  That’s a small piece of evidence that people still have faith in the BSA. 

I’ve got 117 live auctions on eBay with some ending just about every day and new ones being launched.  I’ve figured out how to automate all this and although it’s not perfect I’ve seen a benefit from having fresh listings posting every night.  There is no way to trick the eBay algorithm but getting new stuff up is always a winning strategy.

One of the benefits of getting to move is that you put hands on every box of stuff that was hiding on a shelf.  I’ve come across stuff I’ve forgotten about that needs to get posted or take a trip to a TOR.  Now if I could just find my wife’s earrings that we haven’t seen since we moved to Charlotte.  She is convinced I have them somewhere in a box.




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