Best OA on eBay

Here is a selection of the best OA items that sold on eBay recently. Are any of these surprises to you? I sure would like to know on the lodge 470 X what a “Great Find” is??


OA 83 S22 – Allogagan Lodge 83, Rare Lodge Chief Issue


1959 Area 6-E Area Conference Neckerchief, Camp Sebring


OA 427 S13 – Achewon Netopalis, Greenwich, CT, 50th Ann


OA Linen Buffalo Ta Tanka Lodge 488 Blue Book X1 Rare!


OA 83 F1 – Allogagan Lodge 83, Rare First Flap – Mint


OA Lodge 470 Amquemak X-1, Geat Find, Merged






Excuse me, but a LODGE CHIEF flap? I can maybe see the pride in issuing a “Home of the National Chief” flap but a restricted flap for only the lodge chief seems like overkill. That and it’s worth more than the lodge’s first flap.

It looks like the flap assumes the chief is a Vigil Honor member. That would have been a problem in my lodge where the last two lodge chiefs were Brotherhood during their terms of office. That would be funny if you were eligible for the patch but not qualified to buy it.

By ISCA87L on April 5th, 2009 at 7:52 pm

some one pass me some felt gonna make me a few of the ta tatanka x1’s…… very cheap looking……..

BAC TOR MAY 2nd c yall there

By redneck_patch_trader on April 6th, 2009 at 8:38 am

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