OA Report: Flaps, Vigil Sashes, WAB

For this Best Selling OA report I wanted to see what were the best items sold by sellers not named tspa. Considering that the absolute best item here was sold by a user with a feedback rating of “1” I think I’ve done ok on this list. Each of these items sold over the last couple of weeks in competitive eBay auctions.


OA Lodge 136 Maheengun F1 Buttonhole


BSA OA Lodge 90 ~ Canalino ~ S1 ~ First Flap~Restricted


OA Vigil Sash w/Counter Clockwise Arrows 1950’s


OA Sebooney Okasucca Lodge 260 X1 WAB


BSA OA Lodge 27 ~ Pa-Hin ~ Bulk Lot of 5 ~ Mint





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