Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 15, 2018


I already have all the shelving but some of it is the metal stuff you find at Home Depot and some is a home made wooden design. I’m a little worried that it’s going to fit. Like Matt Delk sometimes says it’s time to play Jenga.

The thing that is going to be truly eye-opening is finding all the stuff that I forgot that I had. I know that sounds like a strange thing to say but if you have ever put stuff in boxes and stashed them in the attic you know what I mean. Some of this stuff has been packed up for going on 3-years now and hasn’t been opened since. I don’t know that Chris and I can find time to start that process but it will be like eating an elephant one bite at a time.

I’m hoping to gain a lot of efficiency in moving my business out of the house so to speak. It is very easy to get caught up in family errands and interruptions when you work out of your own house. Also from just a self discipline standpoint getting up and going to the office is a clean break. Part of my routine will include getting there very early in the morning so I can get a full day in before I need to be home for the kids.

Chris and I have already messaged about filming this to make a goofy video to share. It might be a pilot episode for a new reality tv series called Patch Hoarders.




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