Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 19, 2020

One long overdue patch project I’ve started is cleaning up my stores.  Because of the way I list patches I don’t start off with items having assigned categories in the store.  Yesterday when I looked at OApatch I saw that about 25% of the items were listed in the “other” category.  So after some house cleaning I’ve cut that in half and by the end of this weekend I hope to have it all cleaned up.

I have a similar problem on my main store Patchblanket because about 6k items are cross-posted on my off-eBay Shopify store.  Just yesterday I figured out how to go in and change the store category for those.  Now that will take a while but I’ll start working on it too.  I did delete some pages on the store that had broken links. 

Where this issue of store categories really hits home is 5dollarpatchstore where I have no categories set up!  I’ve talked to Brad England about some ideas to grow that store and it starts with making things easier to find.  There is no getting around the fact that if you want to sell stuff you have to list it so that’s another challenge I’m working on. 

It’s a little ironic that it takes a pandemic for us to slow down and get to the long postponed projects.  For example in our backyard we have worked hard every weekend and now have two raised bed gardens recycled from the wooden play fort that the previous home owners had erected.  Now in patch land I’m tending to these store categories which have been a problem for a long time.   

I saw an encouraging article where government scientists said the virus is quickly killed by sunlight and does not do well in a hot and humid environment.  This gives me a ray of hope that summer camps will go on and we will get back to life with a new normal.  Are we really going to stop giving people hand shakes after this?      




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