Tribe of Mazasha Mother Lodge

Seller Union_Razor out of Tacoma Washington is selling a mother lode of Tribe of Mazasha Lodge rounds–I think the R6, R7, R9, and R12, which all appear to be in quite spiffy condition.


The R9 specifically says “Order of Arrow” and is one of the few Tribe of Mazasha rounds that is not listed as having also been given to non-OA-members.


Three are currently between $300 and $400, and the other is a shade under $200… but something tells me they aren’t going to be staying down there for long. OAImages only has one recorded price for Any Tribe of Mazasha round… and here we have four going at once.


Lots of time before the close–a shade under five days now. Wonder how high these bad boys are going to end up?





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