Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 07, 2020

Yesterday while sorting three boxes that were labeled “collection” I came across these two.  Now for 99.9% of you this is not cause for excitement.  But for my fellow lodge brother Nathan Kohler these two obscure event patches were 2/3 of his final lodge needs.  I mailed both patches to him after working out a quick deal.  He has agreed to help me co-author a patch book on Camp Coker that I’ve been talking about doing for some time.  We are also going to update and put out a 4th edition of the memorabilia book for Santee 116.  I think that was a fair trade! I know he was happy. 🙂

Monday I made progress on hanging more frames.  I got my Croatan 117 and Wahissa 118 collections on the wall.  Today I’ll finish the rest of my SR7B lodges including Tslagi, Uwharrie and Klahican.  Even though I came up with the idea of these frames I have reached out to Keith Coffey about building me some more because I just don’t have enough to house everything I want to put on the wall.  Next up is my SR5 lodges which are among my best collections.

One thing that I’m taking time to start this week is doing some selected inventorying of my eBay store.  Some times folks buy a patch from me on eBay and when i go to pull the order the patch is not actually there.  This is usually from human error either during the listing process or shipping the wrong patch out at some point.  But I’ve got the inventorying process down to a science.  Now just to go through over 20,000 patches is going to be the chore!

So here is a question I am asking myself.  I have a plan (maybe this week?) to put up about 24 feet of shelf space to display my mug collection.  At that point I will know exactly what are dupes (can I even call extra mugs dupes?).  Is there a model for selling these on eBay that makes sense.  The problem is shipping as it’s almost a given that a mug will have to go priority mail (minimum $7.50 roughly).  I’m going to do a little research and see if this is worth touching.

My daughter’s troop is going to try an online meeting this week to get information out to the Scouts about opportunities during this stay at home order.  Hopefully the crystal ball that those researchers at Washington University has is accurate and this will all be snuffed out in April.




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