Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 14, 2020

Yesterday my son finished a two day project to sort JSPs by year.  This is only a small portion of the overall project but you can see the progress.  The next step is to take each box and organize by council name and combine dupes. This is a merger of all the loose JSPs I’ve had from trading over the last decade and getting collections.

I really regret not taking a picture when this sorting project was at it’s peak.  These are all SAPs organized by council and ready to be scanned.  We worked for a few days on about 8-9 bin boxes worth of patches.  I’m sure some of these are tough to get and soon enough they will be available on eBay.

This wall of containers is how I sort collections that come in.  Each of these boxes holds some micro category of items.  So when I get in a collection I break it out by category and store the dupes in these boxes.  There is one for red unit numbers, one for rank, popcorn patches you name it.  The larger totes have topics like Wood Badge, Girl Scout and equipment. 

This room is the smallest in my warehouse.  I’ve got a work bench set up, my reference library (not visible in the picture) and another small bookshelf with binders.  I’m calling this the collection room because each of those tubs holds some part of my personal collection.  Soon I’ll move my trading stock in here too.  The idea is to make this a work room for organizing portfolios, patch trading notebooks and the like.  In other words this is my play room.  🙂

Again I wanted to share pictures of what I’ve been working on because with everything closed you have to have a project to keep your sanity.  I hope you are weathering the storm.  Don’t read the Internet too much or you will get depressed.  Just my advice!




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