April 2006 Statistics for CSP Category

This category seems to average $50,000 in sales per month and April of 2006 was no different. The total for successful auction and store listings was $58,091. Auction listings totaled 3,758 sales with a 57.6% success rate. Store listings sold added another 473 items to the total.


In the first half of the month the auction offerings averaged 600-700 items per week. However, by the end of the month the total surged to over 1,100. 😀


The two top selling items in the category were collections. It is interesting that two more individuals decided that rather than piecing out their collections (which takes time and incurs fees) that they would try the “big bang” approach and sell it whole. I wonder if the Kahuna collections sold by TSPA earlier in the year had anything to do with this.


Here is a breakdown of the top selling items in the category over the last month ranked by price realized.


Top 10


~~~310 Different Red White Council Strips RWS X 310~~~


1,200+ CSP’s – Vast Majority From Prior to 1985 – Scout


The Motherload of CSP’s – Instant Collection!!!


Scout BSA CSP Red & White Transatlantic Cncl Denmark !!


Scout BSA CSP Red & White Transatlantic Cncl Libya !!


CSP – Chief Shabbona Council T-1 Mint And !! Rare !!


Mound Builders Council Felt Patches Boy Scouts


Seymour Johnson AFB Shoulder Strip


Rare Explorer Brown & Green Council Strip- Land O’Lakes


9 Red & White Council and Community Patches


Logan Air Force Base Air Scout Community Strip





Someone overbid on that Libya by about $900. Must of wanted it REAL bad.

By blackeagle on May 26th, 2006 at 3:47 pm

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