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Add to CartCollectors, there’s one central question when trying to buy, sell, or trade Boy Scout memorabilia…What is it worth? But what if there was a Prices Realized Guide that contained thousands of images, descriptions, and all historical data? What if there was a guide written just for you that contained hundreds of the best items known to have sold in your field over the last year – would you want it?

As the publisher of the Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I track the best items in the Boy Scout category of eBay and send out multiple newsletters during the week to thousands of interested Scouters. Now, after a year-long project I am rolling out a valuable reference guide that took hundreds of hours to compile. The Boy Scout Memorabilia Prices Realized Guides are a series of eBooks that focus on specific areas of collecting interest in the hobby. Each book documents all known items that sold for more than $100 from that niche. The guides contain all of the historical information about that sale including the images, sales price and descriptions so that you can reference the very best items for your collection.

Published Editions In The Series
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Council Insignia: CSPS, CPs & RWS Contains 315 items and covers all shoulder council insignia such as council shoulder strips (CSPs) and Red & White Strips (RWS). Among the rarest items are khaki and red half strips and color variations issued for Cub Scouts, Air Scouts, Sea Scouts and Explorers. There are a few round council patches that made the cut as well. Even though there is a CSP guide in circulation wouldn’t you like to know what these great pieces really sell for!?
eBook available for $4.99 on eJunkie Add to Cart(download)
electronic version mailed to you on a cd $6.99 on eBay
printed and bound FULL COLOR version $16.99 on eBay (add $5 for a cd combo pack)

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital DeliveryI am selling the eBook here on my website using a world class service known as E-junkie. They are the top

seller for digital products and a respected brand. I accept PayPal but you can also use any of the major credit cards to submit an order. Once your payment goes through you will get a link that will allow you to download the PDF. The beauty of an eBook is that you can get it instantaneously and I’ve built in numerous hyperlinks that really enhance the product. I’m convinced that once you see it that you will consider it the best purchase you’ve made in a long time.

Guides in the series include:

The $1000 Club (all items that sold for over $1000 – greatest hits)

Baden-Powell, World Jamboree and International Scouting Issues

Eagle Scout Memorabilia & Merit Badges

Council Insignia (Including CSPs, RWS & CPs)

Books & Paper (Including posters, stamps, certificates)

Insignia & Uniforms (Including rank, position)

Camp Memorabilia & Philmont (Including high adventure)

Equipment , Knives & Miscellaneous Lots

Medals & Awards (Including all pins and rings)

National Scout Jamboree (Including JSPs)

Order of the Arrow (Includes conclaves)

For those of you who are looking for a version that is easily compatible with your E-reader then I’ve got good news for you. I’m teaming up with my friend Todd Kelly at Big Rock Publishing to place the guides for sale in the Kindle Store as well as other electronic platforms such as iTunes. I’ll make an announcement soon about this when we are ready to roll.



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