Evaluting the Browsing and Searching of Scout Cats.

I wonder if there is a way to see how many people browse items on eBay. I know you can sort of look up the searches by the top words. And through eBay keywords I have a close number of how many times wood badge, is searched on. Last week it was 1039 for Wood Badge (with the space) and 785 with Woodbadge (no space, one word) across all eBay cats. In both cases I had 5 people who type in the first way and 5 people who type in the second way look at my items. I used to know what they clicked on after looking at my item, but I no longer pay for this service. Most of the wood badge patrol names have only minimal searching, like under 20, but there are two that are really searched on quite a bit, antelope with 3558 since beginning of May, and bobwhite with 915. The lowest is fox patrol with 1 and then buffalo patrol with 5. These numbers are what my system picked up and maybe under-reported. I also have to setup it up in advance to capture the information. :confused: However, I am interested in browsing. My question or discussion is how to tell how much browsing is going on; people looking at everything in the category. Years ago, there used to be a lot, there wasn’t as many items. But Sunday night I noticed I put an item up and 4 hours later, no body had looked at the stuff. I have had items were absolutely no one looked at the listing, including me. Is there too much up, too many categories, or too little people? I know that sometimes less is more. I think people that just put Boy Scout Patch in the title for an activity patch get more views and bids than a person who types in the council name and activity in the title. In other words they don’t need to look at, but if they were to look at it they might bid.





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