Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 10, 2019

This was the rabbit hole I went down.  As my daughter is going to the WSJ and I’m going to spend some time there as a visitor I’ve been keeping my eyes on all the updates.  Today I saw this beautiful set pop up.  These are the subcamp patches.  In recent years every Jamboree has had very colorful and attractive subcamp patches that have a theme.  Inevitably a person asked where can you get these which brought me to an online store I’ve never seen or heard of.

I had already placed an order for some items from the BSA website.  Of course these items were for the USA contingent.  I got my daughter a shirt, jacket patch and extra neckerchief.  I guess it never dawned on me that the WOSM folks would have their own store set up selling everything else.  While visiting this new store I was only window shopping but it was great to just begin to understand what’s being produced. 

I know there are some folks who buy this stuff for the jacked up retail price and then put it on eBay for double (or more) hoping to score a big sale.  I confess I’ve never believed in that strategy.  I would much rather just go and trade at a big national event then ring up $5k-$10k in charges on my credit card trying to play that game.  I guess those eBay sellers enjoy the airline miles but buying a jacket patch for $17 so you can try and flip it for $39 is just not a game I want to play.

Oh you might want the link to the store!  What I find very cool is they built this store on the same platform that I use for my and stores.  Shopify is a Canadian software solution for selling online that is very good. It’s a little odd that they didn’t bother to purchase a URL for the site but you can find it here.

This weekend I am shipping my kids off to my mother so my wife and I can have one weekend together alone before the craziness of summer camp starts.  It’s kinda a lot to ask of your spouse to say hey let me take one of the kids and be gone for about 6 weeks this summer.  It kinda begs the question, whose going to mow the grass when I’m at camp?




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