Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 24, 2019

We are kicking around an idea for a twilight program that some of you might find interesting.  Do any of your camps do a Scouting history talk at camp?  We have a published author that wants to come out and do a talk about the history of Native Americans in the state.  That got me to make some phone calls to see if we can also pull off a Scout history talk one night as well as an optional activity for the Scouts and leaders.

Between Matthew Delk who will be on staff and Jason Shull who lives 10 minutes away we could have an amazing session on the history of Camp Barstow.  The first summer was 1930 but the camp has moved 3 times in it’s history.  Maybe I could fly Terry Grove in to do a talk about the history of Eagle Scout medals. j/k But I like the idea and it might spark some interest in Scouting Heritage MB.

Already in the trading post we will have a bunch of vintage stuff available for sale.  I’ve already donated about 500 Scout mugs from all over the country.  Next up is old uniforms, t-shirts and maybe even some handbooks that Scouts might like to get for a collection or to enjoy.

Over on eBay I have exactly 100 live auctions running featuring OA and JSPs from various lodges and events.  In less than 10 days summer will be here an my opportunity to keep adding stuff will end.  Even patch guys need a break right!?

Tonight we have swim checks for summer camp at a local pool.  Saturday morning bright and early we are going to a veterans cemetery in town to help place 3,000 flags and Sophia’s troop will handle the  flag ceremony. 




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