Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 26, 2019

My daughter’s troop was honored to perform the flag ceremony to start the event.  The council had someone there taking drone footage of the crowd which I hope to see soon in a video.  They called this the 1st annual so hopefully next year I can get my son’s Cub Scout pack to take part as well.

So in typical teenager fashion here is what this event meant for my kids.  When we arrived and had to drive around a bit to find everyone else Sophia made a snide comment about why we were even here.  I threatened to throw here out of the car for disrespecting the event. A few hours later on the way home we passed by a small church that had a few graves awkwardly close to the road.  We spotted a soldiers grave from the car and without discussion she hopped out of the car to place our final flag on that grave.

A few of you may have seen my recent Facebook post looking for a teacher willing to spend their summer at Camp Barstow as an ecology director. Through all it’s faults sometimes FB is amazing.  We had multiple great candidates reach out including a young female biology teacher who had experience working at camps in North Carolina during college.  Another person may join our conservation committee for the camp and help update that plan.

My new account OApatch has grown to 400 listings.  So far my strategy here is to grow an OA only Buy-It-Now best offer store that can help me list the patches in my warehouse and balance paying eBay fees.

I only have a week left before my 2-month hiatus from the warehouse kicks in.  I have my employee who will keep things shipped out but now I have to put projects to sleep instead of starting new ones.




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